Day Two

New York City


The Staten Island Ferry.  This whole area is under construction, so although you can't see it, the big sign in the background only reads "N Island Ferry."  Destination in sight!
The walk down to the statue's ferry from the subway follow the riverfront as it dumps into the Upper Bay.  That's Jersey City in the back, there. Arrival at Liberty Island.
The statue from the side. That's the Verrazano Narrows Bridge, which happes to be I-278.  It connects Staten Island with Brooklyn.
Up close with Lady Liberty. You can't go all the way up there anymore, you are only allowed to go until the base of the statue ends.  The green part is off-limits.
July 4, 1776. I enjoy this picture.  I am glad I took it.
The torch. One last view of the statue.
Ellis Island. Brooklyn.
A closeup of some Manhattan buildings. Although it's hard to see from the statue without zoom, my camera was able to capture the Empire State Building.
Downtown New York. To the left is where the Twin Towers used to stand.
A ferry is headed back to the city. The Brooklyn Bridge as seen from the statue.
Back on land, we pass the American Stock Exchange. Wide view of the WTC Site.
This construction driveway entrance was not here in March 2004, when I last passed through the city. Historical signs are hung on the gates around the site.
The names of those who died on Sept. 11, 2001. Sticking the camera lens through the gates, I could get this picture of the gaping hole.
The cross made out of the beams that held up the WTC. It appears that not all of the damage has been repaired on the surrounding buildings.
This building is completely covered in mesh, and the bare beams can be seen.  I think this one is uninhabitable.

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