Day One

New York City


New York streets mostly have a speed limit of 30 m.p.h., but traffic flows anywhere from 30 to 150 m.p.h., and even faster in a taxi. A look at NY 9A, the Henry Hudson Parkway, as it follows the Hudson River closely throughout its stay on Manhattan Island.  Across the river is Jersey.
A shot of what I believe is Broadway, near Columbia University. Same road, same sign.
Here is the "official" reason I was in New York.  Columbia's campus is quite a bit smaller than UM's.
The Library, which is kind of cool inside, with old stuff and an ancient Chinese artifact exhibit. More Columbia.
Some wise philosophers grace the presence of this building. And we're back at the Hudson Parkway.  There is a narrow park between NY 9A and Broadway.
Keep left to get onto Riverside Drive. A hoity-toity side street.
Even hoitier-toitiery. Anyone recognize this from Seinfeld?
I guess this is the Seinfeld corner. The always-interesting Subway of New York.  I still have one ride left on my MetroCard, which does not expire until 3/31/06.
The first look at Times Square in the daytime. I didn't come all the way here to eat at an Olive Garden, for nugget's sake! 
More people than in Chicago, Cleveland, and Miami combined right here! Yes, that giant cup of noodles is steaming.
The ABC broadcasting building. So much to see!
Times Square even gets its own street signs. How to get to NY 9A from Times Square.
I didn't know you could contract Broadway to B'way. A rare instance of a Keep Left sign with the diagram.

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