Day One

New York City


A narrow building. The second tallest building in the USA-- the Empire State Building.
The Chrysler Building from the top of the Empire State Building. The top of the Empire State Building has an outdoor viewing area.
To the west. A look down at the city.
The top part of the building was green for St. Patrick's Day. The GE Building, which houses NBC television.
More city. A cruise ship is ready to depart.
Just a pretty building. Looks like snow on the tops of the buildings, but it was not.
A better view of the top of the Empire State building, this time with a moon. The sunset was pretty.
More of Manhattan from the top of it all. The street.  I believe this is Broadway.
Some prettily lit buildings. A view to the south, where the World Trade Center site is.  I don't think the Statue of Liberty is visible in this pic.
So many buildings, so many pictures. Times Square and 42nd Street look like this at night.
You can't escape the icy glare of the Chrysler Building! I remember this one from up top.
Walking north through Times Square. MTV is on the left and the ginormous Toys R Us is on the right.
How controversial. Everyone's favorite store: the Hershey's Store.
Just in case you need it.  You never know when Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) will attack...  

That's it from the first day!

Day Two

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