Minnesota Roadtrip

The way to Minnesota


This is the split of I-90 and I-94 near Tomah, WI.  I didn't take any photos before this because I'd been there already.  You can see those pictures on my Wisconsin page. I-94 West at CR EW.
Wow, a large rock cut in central Wisconsin! An I-94 scene near Eau Claire.
I-94 WB at US 53 in Eau Claire. We got off the interstate for bit, and now this is US 12 West.
US 12 West in Elk Mound.  I don't even want to know how the town got its name. Back on I-94 West, at US 63.  The BGS is in error, as it lists WI 63.
At WI 65, which is indeed a state highway. Less than half an hour to the Twin Cities.
The last exit in Wisconsin is for WI 35, which runs from Superior, WI, in the north to the Illinois line near Dubuque, IA. Still in Wisconsin, but barely, about to cross the St. Croix River.   The Mississippi has already entered Minnesota by this point.
Routes 94 and 95 in Minnesota now. It may be a little late, but a welcome is a welcome!
Apparently, US 12 is not signed on I-94 throughout the Twin Cities. The first rest area in Minnesota.
Getting into the St. Paul area now.  I-494 and I-694 are the same roadway, but I-694 goes north of the cities while I-494 goes south of the cities. Crossing MN 120, Century Ave.

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