Western IL trip


In the summer of 2003, I decided to grab a bunch of counties while also exploring parts of Illinois that I had never been to.  This trip was the result.  My roadtrip compadre Margot took some of these, so if you see any bad ones, just tell her about it.  The top picture is of IL 103 looking east in the middle of nowhere.  Have fun in the corn as you look at these pics!

A very funky IL 82 construction shield on I-80 WB near Geneseo.  Couldn't they find an old IDOT shield anywhere?  This thing is hideous. In case you can't read a map, you can get to Des Moines via... either road!  You choose!
Using Davenport as a control city, I-80 exits itself here in a mile or so. IDOT even shows you how I-80 exits itself here.
This is where I-74 and I-280 intersect with I-80.  Going straight here means bypassing the Quad Cities to the south.  Exiting on I-80 will bypass the cities to the north.  Exiting on I-74 takes you to Galesburg, and then to Peoria. *Sniff*  I just needed to be close to something.  This IL 81 shield did just fine.
The end of IL 81 is at US 150 near Lynn Center.  Wherever that is... Approaching US 34, which in Chicagoland is known as Ogden Ave, on US 150 East.  Here in Galesburg, it is a rural freeway. 
At the US 34 interchange. The US 34 freeway, which bypasses the city of Galesburg.
More US 34 freeway. Still more US 34 freeway.
IL 164 joins the road and the freeway is demoted to an expressway. The two roads hit US 67 just north of Monmouth.
Is it sad when I miss the good old days of $1.61 gas?  Yes, yes it is. After going down US 34 West a bit to see Henderson County, it was back to US 67.  This is nearing the interchange of the two US Routes.
The US 67 expressway Southbound goes through a whole lot of green soybeans. But the expressway portion ends north of Macomb, home of Western Illinois University.
Two-lane US 67 starts here. South of Carthage, IL 94 is being widened to accommodate the IL 336 expressway, which starts at Quincy and is being extended northwards.
The northbound lanes were being asphalted when I drove by. IL 336 begins somewhere on this stretch of IL 94 SB.
Ahhh... the smell of fresh asphalt in the morning. Of course, over a year later, this should be all done.
IL 94 leaves IL 336 here. Just 25 miles to Quincy, where I-172 will pick up.
These darn bugs get in the way of my shields!  This IL 61 BGS has an outline around the IL 61 shield. Here at US 24, I-172 begins its journey southward to I-72 near Hannibal, MO.  There is no fanfare announcing the end of IL 336 and the start of I-172, though.
You can get to IL 96 from here. This is what part of Quincy looks like.  US 24 and then IL 57 are one-way divided streets in town.  This is IL 57's northern terminus.

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