Day Five

Illinois Roadtrip


Day Five took me to the Garden of the Gods, a limestone cliff with interesting rock formations, then down south to Cave-in-Rock.  A murderer set up a pub in the cave back over 100 years ago and killed some of his "customers" then put their bodies in the back of the cave, from what I remember.  I'll have to check up on that.  Eventually I'll have a whole write-up of the trip and I'll post it here for anyone who wants to read it.  After Cave-in-Rock, it was back to Cleveland.  I did go a roundabout way to visit Pope County, but then it was back on the interstates.  What a trip!


IL 166 ends at IL 13 east of Marion. In Harrisburg, now, IL 13 picks up IL 34.  US 45 is just ahead.
This very pretty road goes from the town of Equality (and IL 142) to the Garden of the Gods Still on the road to the rocks.  You really need to look for the signs directing you to the Garden.
Quite a large hill coming up.

Finally, I've made it to the Garden of the Gods.  The little red sign says "Caution: High Cliffs Ahead."

The Garden. The formations are pretty cool.  These rocks were all covered in sandstone millions of years ago, but an ancient sea eroded all of it leaving the bare limestone.  If you couldn't tell, the sea is now all dried up.
Looking down. The walkway is built into the rocks.
A look over what is sometimes called the Illinois Ozarks.  This is where the sea used to be. More rocks.
So many pretty colors. The trees were even beginning to change color here.
Yes, this must be where the gods hang out. We're pretty high up!
Wow, a face is trying to get out of the rocks!  Weird how nature does things like that. An what looks to be a needle-like formation.
The ferry from IL 1 to KY 91 in Cave-in-Rock.  This marks the southern terminus of IL 1, which is the longest state highway in Illinois.  It stretches from here all the way north to the city of Chicago. There is an Opry House in downtown Cave-in-Rock.
A look at the Ohio River from the top of a big hill in Cave-in-Rock State Park. A look to the east from the same place.
Looks like the ferry is here. Coming down the big hill, down to the river level.  The waves are round and gentle here.
Looking west on the Ohio.  The cave is just behind the camera. There is a big crack in the middle of the cave.  Also a hole at the top lets some sunlight in.
You can see the hole through the split in the top of the cave. Looking back at the mouth of the cave.  It is dark back here, but nearer to the mouth it is pretty light.
The Ohio River from just inside the cave. This is what the cave looks like from the outside.  There were lots of little ankle-biters running around the cave and climbing its walls.
Back on top of the hill, but in a different location, a look at the Ohio. If you fall down this hill, you'll go right into the river!  This was my last look at the Ohio on the trip (besides crossing it on the interstate).
The bulk of the trip is over, so from here on out, only road scenes.  JCT IL 145 on IL 34 North. IL 34 and IL 145 get together for a while near Mitchellsville.  This is still in the middle of Shawnee National Forest.
IL 141 has its western end here at US 45.  Looking north. IL 1 and IL 14 meet in Carmi.
I-71 NB in Kentucky.  Some of this road is very pretty but most was just boring.


And finally, the Cincinnati skyline from I-71/75 NB on the Kentucky side still.

That concludes my trip.  Look for a write up in the future.

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