Okefenokee Trip


In July of 2005, I decided to start exploring that vast southern state we know as Georgia.  I took two other Georgia trips as well in July, but on one I forgot my camera, and on the other I decided that it was too boring to actually waste my batteries.  But at least I got counties in.  But this trip was interesting and had many camera-worthy sights, including none other than the Okefenokee Swamp.  Have fun.


Since we're starting in St. Augustine, we have to have a few Florida pics.  This is of I-295 NB around Jacksonville.  This was my first time on this road. Here's NB I-295 at I-10.  I'm taking I-10 West.
FL 228 and Baker County Road 228 intersect I-10 here. In McClenny on NB FL 228.
North of McClenny now. We're about to enter the southernmost part of Georgia (in what I like to call the toe) which is a part of Charlton County.
The toe of Georgia is quite flat and I think to most people it would seem boring, but I loved it and thought it was fascinating.  You think I lie, but I do not. GA 23 and US 23 traverse paths quite close to each other and indeed intersect.  That would never happen in Illinois.
St. George, GA, is not much to speak of, but there were more people around than in Cairo, Illinois. GA 121 and GA 23 hit GA 94 here.  Look how low those gas prices were way back in... July of '05.
GA 94 actually heads west into Florida, where it becomes FL 2, before turning back into GA 94 once it enters GA near the town of Council. FL 2 West


Entering Georgia again.

Georgia has some weird junction assemblies like this one.  White on Black with the word "Junction" spelled out.


GA 117 is the road that heads to Okefenokee Swamp and Stephen C. Foster State Park. Here we are already! 
Swampy swampy swamp swamp. There's a boardwalk for part of the nature trail.
But in the middle of the boardwalk, I encountered Swamp Thing.  This gigantor spider decided to spew triple thick web from its butt and hang on it's own rope diagonally across the walkway.  I had to sidestep it, almost falling into the swamp itself.  Then the snakes woulda gotten me. This is the hiking trail.  There are parts of the trail that are not boardwalked and on dry earth.  That's where the bears live.  And where the wasps and horseflies try to eat you.
There's a boat dock here for those of you who like that sort of thing.  I don't when there are poisonous snakes riding with me. End GA 117.  Literally.  No more road.  We go back to US 441.
JCT US 84 at Homerville on US 441 NB. Looks like a little bit of widening construction here.
US 84 WB through Homerville. US 84 turns into an expressway just west of town.
GA 38 goes along with US 84. JCT GA 37 West.
Here we leave GA 37 in favor of GA 168.  From what I could tell, this is a shortcut to Nashville, GA. Nashville is 30 miles away.

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