Okefenokee Trip

Part Two


At US 221 on GA 168 WB. What the freak is this?!  Besides huge...
More Georgia State Roads. GA 168 ends in Nashville at US 129.
There is a really old car dealer's building here in Nashville.  Kind of cool if you ask me. On the main drag in Nashville, GA.
Can anyone explain to me why this GA 520 shield is green? North US 129 joins with West US 82 for a moment.
But goes off all on its lonesome once more. The town of Ocilla...
...is where US 319 comes in. EB GA 32 coming into Douglas.
A bunch of shields in near Douglas. This must be the town of Douglas.
Because this is Pearson, where US 441 and US 221 hit US 82.  And the green GA 520. See?
Many 4-lane divided highways in Georgia look like this part of US 82. And other 4-lane divided highways in Georgia look like this part of US 82.
GA 520 has a "Corr. Z" inside the state outline on the top. Here come US 1 and US 23 to save the day.
Waycross, but this time on US 84 West. US 1 and US 23 South of Waycross.
We tack on US 301 South. To GA I-95.  Most people utilizing I-95 from this exact location probably are going to Florida, so they won't be using GA I-95 at all.  Anyway...
A conglomorate of shields.  Conglomo: We Own You!  Anyone not familiar with this reference needs to watch an episode of Rocko's Modern Life right now. Hey, we're back in Florida already!!
This is SB US 1 and US 23 in Northern Florida. That stoplight is the northern terminus of Florida's best road: A1A. 

That's all for this Georiga Trip.  Stay tuned for more.

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