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Back in the day, October 2004, I had not yet passed through all of Florida's great counties.  So I decided to change things up a bit and take a route through Central Florida via I-4 from Daytona Beach to Orlando, then US 27 all the way to South Florida, where I hooked up with I-75 down to the U.  It was only about an hour and a half longer than the normal trip via I-95.  The top picture is of a lake somewhere along US 27 in Central Florida.  Enjoy the pictures, even if they are old.  Hey, I was just browsing my photos and found these!!!


I-4 and US 92 are right ahead on I-95 south in Daytona Beach.  The construction has since finished on this part of I-95, although now they're working on widening I-95 through Flagler County. We even get a diagram of how I-4 begins at I-95 and how to the east is FL 400.
Sign bridge at the exit. Weird how they post an "End I-95" shield here on the ramp from I-95 to I-4.
First WB I-4 shield. Another I-4 West shield.
I-4 can be very trafficky close to Orlando.  But I got a nice view at least. I've since been on the FL 417 toll road multiple times.  Kinda familiar with that road actually.
The pic is kinda dark, but it is the exit for FL Toll 417. I'm sure they're done with that building by now.
WB I-4 coming into Orlando. WB I-4 in Orlando.
As the skyline becomes visible, the speed limit drops to a ridiculous 50 m.p.h. More skyline.
More I-4 WB, coming up on US 17 and US 92. Orlando has many buildings, but none of them are tall.
Just making sure we are still on I-4 to Tampa. US 17 and US 92 cross I-4 at least 600 times in Orlando.  And here they're joined with US 441, which ends to the south in downtown Miami.
There was some construction on I-4 through the area in October 2004, and I'm not sure if it is done by April 2006 or not.  I sure hope so. I could just hop on the Turnpike to Miami, but that would be no fun.
The exit for the Turnpike, which really is a great alternative to I-95 from South Florida to Ft. Pierce. I've stayed at a Motel6 on International Drive at this exit since the time I took this pic.
At FL Toll 528, the Beachline. Getting closer to Disney World!
I never really realized that there were specific exits for Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and Downtown Disney.  Pretty handy for tourists, though. US 192 is a really short federal highway.
Why was I-4 still 4 lanes in 2004?! Don't really know what I was going for here, maybe the blank sign?
Finally, my exit! Going to go south on US 27.

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