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These pictures were taken in the summer of 2002 on a trip to St. Augustine, about 30 miles south of Jacksonville.  Can you believe that my first time to downtown Jax was in March of 2006?  Whoa there.


After exiting the international airport area, I-95 SB crosses I-295, which is a shortcut to I-10.  I-295 temporarily ends north of Jacksonville and east of I-95.  FL 9A continues, but only until the Jacksonville Beltway is complete to interstate standards.  Then I-295 will take over.
Then on FL 9A EB/SB, US 17 intersects as Main Street.  The Jax Beaches are in 21 miles, the mileage sign in the back states. US 90 is Beach Blvd. around here.  On FL 9A SB.
EB Butler Blvd. (FL 202) as it crosses FL 115 (Southside Blvd).  End FL 202 (Butler Blvd.).  FL 202 is an expressway reaching from I-95 to A1A.  Nothing special.
I don't remember where this was, but it is 1/2 mile from I-95. I-95 NB approaching I-10 in Jacksonville.  The whole I-95/I-10 interchange was undergoing construction at the time, as you will soon see.
A makeshift To I-10 sign in Jacksonville on I-95 NB.  There is some kind of bridge over the interstate here, is it pedestrian?  If so, it's a pretty long pedestrian bridge. More construction at the I-95/I-10 interchange with more makeshift signs. 
The Jacksonville skyline from I-95 NB.  Jacksonville is the largest city in Florida at over 700,000, but I think that's only because it encompasses all of Duval County, including the rural areas. This is the substandard (at the time of the picture) eastern terminus of I-10, which runs westward all the way to Los Angeles, CA.  Still in the construction zone.
Now north of the construction zone, on I-95, we come to Alt. US 90 and US 23.  The exit for US 23 North.  Is this the southern terminus of US 23?  It ends in Jacksonville, but does it end downtown or here at I-95?  I dunno.
I-95 NB at FL 105, to US 17.  Ahead is Jacksonville Int'l Airport and further on up, Savanna, GA. I-295 is in just 1 mile!  So is FL 9A, for that matter.  On I-95 NB.
See?  FL 9A! And finally, the exit for the airport.  I-95 North heads to Maine, but I'm headed to the airport.

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