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Yeah yeah, I'm finding oodles and kaboodles of photos that I have forgotten about.  Whatcha gonna do about it?  Here's some more from my first time in the Jax area.  Enjoy.


A North FL A1A shield around Jax Beach. This would be the eastern beginning of US 90, which ends in the nothingness of West Texas.
Oh mother, look at all those fantastically low gas prices!! Here's FL 10, which has no relation to I-10, although looking at a map it looks like the state road is a continuation of the interstate.
FL A1A NB follows the beginning of FL 10. West and north on two state roads.
FL A1A NB at FL 101, near the Mayport Naval Station.  Soon, FL A1A will go over a ferry to cross over the St. John's River, right near the mouth of the river. Follow the truck route via FL 105.
Whoa there, mixin' it up!  Roundabout ahead. And here's the famous roundabout.
All signs lead to I-95 it seems. In Fernandina Beach, FL A1A makes a turn to the west, along FL 200.  They're multiplexed until Callahan, a while away.
Notice how there are no longer any "North" banners on the FL A1A shields. The bridge over the Intracoastal.
There's no reason for both state roads methinks.  Get rid of FL A1A, because that is a coastal road its entire length, except for this stretch. At US 17 north of Jax.
North US 17 shield. We kept going on FL A1A and FL 200 West.
The road narrows on its way to US 301. I wonder why US 301 gets prominence and US 1 seems a little shoved to the side.
But here US 301 takes its its rightful position on the bottom.  We came here so I could see the end of FL A1A. Proof of FL A1A's demise.
Headed south on US 1 and US 23 on our way back to Jacksonville International Airport. I didn't like this beach much to walk on (too shelly) but it really was pretty.  Dad took this picture.
Taken from the walkover from the house we rented on Vilano Beach, north of St. Augustine. Looking southwest from the top of the St. Augustine lighthouse.
A look at downtown.  The pointy buildings are Flagler College.  The Bridge of Lions was up when I snapped this shot. A look northward towards the Vilano Beach bridge (FL A1A) over the Tolomato River.  The Matanzas River comes in from the top left to merge with the Tolomato (from the north) and an inlet (foreground) before exiting into the Atlantic.
The view of Vilano Beach (the town) with the inlet taking up most of the picture. Looking south down FL A1A.
The inlet kinda fizzes away and a strip of beach separates it from the Atlantic. Buncha freaks if you ask me.

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