May Visit

Gosh, it's cold in Chicago in the spring!


So I went back to Chicagoland again in May of '07, staying with friends at NIU in DeKalb.  Here are the pictures of that trip, including a jaunt into downtown Chicago.  Have fun, people!


This is what downtown DeKalb looks like.  The university is on the west side of town. IL 23 crosses IL 38 here.
IL 38 EB headed out of DeKalb. At Peace Rd., you can access I-88, the Ronald Reagan Tollway.
Still pretty far from Chicago! Route 38 isn't a busy road, although some people go really slowly on the road.
Here is the junction with IL 47 in a town called Elburn in Kane County. Route 38 briefly crosses into St. Charles before heading into Geneva.
Randall Road is a busy 4-lane on the western fringes of the Chicago burbs. A look at downtown Geneva.  The bridge is over the Fox River.
At IL 25.  Route 25 is a very residential road that doesn't look like a state route throughout much of its route from Oswego to Algonquin. Just before the DuPage County line, Route 38 widens and gets a 55 m.p.h speed limit.
Now we're in DuPage County, approaching Kress Rd. in West Chicago. Kautz Rd. is the DuPage-Kane County line road running from Roosevelt Rd. (IL 38) to North Ave. (IL 64).  This is at North Ave. and Kautz.  Oh, and what do those square Fox signs with number on them mean?
East IL 64 entering DuPage County. If you go past North Ave. on Kautz Rd., it turns into Smith Road, which heads east and runs across the northern parts of West Chicago.
Westbound North Ave. (IL 64) in Kane County as it goes through Charlestowne Mall. Southbound Kirk Road between IL 64 and IL 38 in the Geneva-St. Charles area.
Now this is SB IL 31 in Geneva. It goes under a railroad here.
South IL 31 in Geneva. This is Fabyan Parkway EB.  Fabyan is an alternative to IL 38 from West Chicago to Randall Rd.
Still EB Fabyan Pkwy. There is an S-curve just west of the Du-Page County line.
In DuPage County, Fabyan Pkwy. is CR 21.  Weird how that sign says "Begin DuPage County." We-go has grown by about 2,000 people since I moved out in 2004.
Sigh... and it used to be so rural here... See how it is 2-lanes with a passing zone?  Rural character.  See all that traffic?  Definitely urban. 
Big curve to the north here to get to Roosevelt Rd. (IL 38 if you remember) Holy Crimoney!!!  Gas is sooooo expensive in the Chicago area!!!
EB Route 38 at IL 59.  Route 59 goes on the overpass and there are ramps to get from one state route to the other. Route 38 EB in the Winfield area.
This road is called Garys Mill Rd.  No apostrophe. And this is called Purnell Rd.  I used to live off this road.
It's a pretty road, ain't it? Purnell Rd. ends just ahead at Winfield Rd.
See?  Purnell Rd. Winfield Rd. NB south of Roosevelt Rd.
Winfield Rd. is CR 13 for most of its length.  This picture is at Roosevelt Rd. Roosevelt Rd (IL 38) EB in Winfield.
Main Street Wheaton. Front Street in Wheaton.
This is a bad picture, but it is of Wesley Street in downtown Wheaton. This is Gary Ave.  In Wheaton it is a one-way, 2-lane residential street.
That van is following Gary Ave. as it turns to the northwest before heading back to the north as CR 23. Northbound Gary Ave. as the one-way portion ends.

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