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North on Gary Ave. in Wheaton. Gary Ave. at Jewell Rd. on the northern fringes of Wheaton.
A close-up of the CR 23 "begin" shield. St. Charles Rd. comes in from the right (first stoplight), turns north with Gary Ave. for a block, and heads west (second stoplight).
These new signs have been popping up all over DuPage County recently. The small green signs on stoplight masts on state routes in Illinois say "ILL. RTE. XX."  This is at IL 64 in Carol Stream.
WB IL 64 at Kuhn Rd. in Carol Stream. This is Kuhn Rd. northbound just north of Route 64.
Okay, now skip ahead a bit and we're on SB I-355 between IL 64 (North Ave.) and IL 38 (Roosevelt Road). This picture exists so you can have an I-355 shield.
This variable message system probably could be used for more important things than this.  Like, maybe travel times? SB I-355 at Roosevelt Rd.
Control cities for I-355 SB include St. Louis.  The I-88 BGS still says "E-W Tollway," even though it has been renamed.  Sigh, it'll always be the E-W Tollway to me... Take your pick.
These are old signs on I-88 EB at Highland Ave. New Open-Road Tolling signs!  Ugly.  I want pastels back!
Brand-new I-88 shield with the toll plaza in the distance. The toll plaza.
Here's the electronic tolls. At Midwest Rd near Oakbrook Terrace.
The York Road Plaza has been cut in half.  The EB side now pays tolls at Meyers Rd., of which you just saw pictures. The left BGS is new the right one is old.
Closing in on the end of I-88. This is at the DuPage-Cook County line.  I-294 NB will take you to O'Hare International Airport.
The Tollway has come to an end. I-88 has reduced to 4-lanes in preparation for its merge with I-290.
Now I-88 has come to an end.  It says "Begin I-290," but really, I-290 comes in from the northwest and collects I-88 EB into the City of Chicago. This is still the ramp from I-88 to I-290.  There is a truck exit for Mannheim Rd. here, though.
Right after the merge with I-290. I-290 EB shield.
Oh come on!  Traffic jam at 9:30 a.m. on a weekend?! Warnings of construction on the Dan Ryan Expy. in downtown Chicago all the way out in the burbs.
Heading east on I-290, the Eisenhower Expy. One mile to the city, but nine til the Loop.
Harlem Ave. and Austin Blvd. are left exits. Rail lines run through the median of The Ike.
Silhouetted skyline. Closer to the Loop.
Coming up on the Kennedy Expy. and the Dan Ryan.  Both expressways are I-90 and I-94. I-290 prepares to end.
Here's where I-290 and I-90/94 split. Route I-290 Ends.
We're going under this here building. Now we're under that building.
Congress Pkwy. goes over a drawbridge on the Chicago River. That's the river!  As if you were unclear.
Expressway Ends.  But I-290 has ended about a half mile ago. Congress Pkwy. goes under the Stock Exchange.
Wacker Dr. and Franklin St. both have exits from Congress Pkwy. eastbound. Looping back under Congress at the start of Upper Wacker Drive.  It continues north from here.
Shields, baby!  Shields! Okay, that's it for now!  Bye then.

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