Charlottesville Roadtrip

Sights from around North-Central Virginia


Okay, so this is US 33 EB in Harrisonburg, VA, where we spent 2 nights at $100 a night.  This is the city in which James Madison University is located so there are plenty of amenities. Some amenities.
An interesting overhead assembly on US 33 EB. US 33 remains a 4-lane road in terrain that is more conducive to 2-laners.
Continuing on EB US 33. As if you needed proof of US 33's existence in central Virginia.
Three types of shields all in one assembly! Margot was under the impression that I wanted a picture of every single secondary highway shield in the state, so this is just one of many hundreds that she took.
This is some miles later... believe me I skipped a couple photographs between the last one and this one. This was a pretty nice ride.
Although at 55 m.p.h., it was also pretty tedious at times. Traffic cameras are ready to catch unsuspecting motorists who choose to run red lights.
A weird, dinky little US 33 shield. There's even a business US 33 in Elkton.  There are other business routes in other towns, too, on old alignments of US 33.
US 340 gets its own exit. US 33 is getting into some pretty hilly territory soon.
Kinda pretty, no?  Last shot before the mountains. In the mountainous section, US 33 goes down to 2-lanes, three if you count the passing lanes on the inclines.
Alright, so there are passing lanes on the declines, too! The trees in late September were just starting to yellow a little teeny bit.  This part of the road crosses the Appalachian Trail and the Blue Ridge Parkway.
Whoa there, there must be a high accident rate on this stretch because there is an old rusty guardrail along this S-curve. The speed limit was still 55 (with slowdowns for the curves) but this truck felt that 25 m.p.h. was better than the posted limits.
The two-lane portion was kinda curvy! If you look closely in the background, you can see where US 33 is about to become a 4-lane road again.  Then I can finally pass this loser!
Yeah, right here. Stanardsville gets a business route, as well.
More cloudy scenes on US 33 EB. I actually used this photo for my photography class my fall semester 2006.  The professor said it was a pretty good pic, except he'd like it to have more layering.  For instance, I could have had part of my side mirror in the frame.
US 29 is coming up.  US 29 is a lot like US 33 in character in central VA. Kinda old-timey, ain't it?

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