Charlottesville Roadtrip

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This is US 29's intersection with US 33. We're only about an hour and a half south of the nation's capital here!!  And I started in Miami!!!
Kinda weird to think, as we travel US 29 NB for a bit, that this road runs from Baltimore, MD, to Pensacola, FL!! Back on US 33 EB to get to VA 20.
And here we are!  Close to Montpelier, too. This was a pretty long 17 miles, although it was also pretty pretty.
It's a little blurry, but I still like this picture. Another blurry, but it gives you an idea of VA 20 SB.
Since I say so many bad things about many of the drivers in front of me on this web site, I'll take the time to say that the Subaru in front of me was a very nice person to follow.  Subaru pride!  Okay, that was cheesy, but the driver was cool. Oooh, pretty!
Oooh, foresty! Alright, we're getting into town here, where VA 20 intersects US 250 on the north side of Charlottesville.
A jumble of signs here. Still VA 20 here.
But not Bus. US 250 anymore. This road will take you to Interstate Virginia 64.
Gotta love the state name in the shield. A Charlottesville scene.
And another. And another again.

Alrighty folks, that's all I have of Charlottesville.  The DMB concert rocked and I heard so many songs I hadn't heard live yet (not counting CDs)!

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