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Mississippi River Trip


South on the short US 61/151 freeway into Dubuque. Welcome to Iowa.
Now back North on US 61 and US 151, we come to CR HHH and CR H. We're gonna dump US 151 here.
Paralleling the Mississippi now, although you can't see it from here. US 61 and WI 35 NB.
It's only the "recommended" truck route through the town of Tennyson. But we took the regular route.
I believe this is now WI 133, which goes closer to the river than WI 35 and US 61 do. The road rubs against the hill as it curves.
I'm not sure which town this is, but its either Bloomington or Patch Grove. Jesus must guard this intersection.  Hint: see the small sign on the right side of the photo.
US 18 WB and WI 35 NB. Same road.
The only shield present here is a Great River Road shield. Coming into Prairie du Chien.
WI 60 joins the club. Still Prairie du Chien.
Now WI 35 goes solo. The river is to the right.
Coooooooollllllllll!!!! The road is right above the river.
A busy-looking dam. Somehow along the way, a railroad comes between the road and the river.
The river is pretty wide here. Bluffs border the Mississippi.
Continuing on WI 35. Looking across the wide, icy river into Iowa.
Never can get enough river. I've spotted the elusive Subaru WRX again!
East WI 56 in Genoa.  IL 35 was a beautiful road, but we must head back now to get home before midnight (hey, I was still only 17 at the time). WI 56 is a great and relatively deserted road.
East WI 56. Coming up on US 14, US 61, WI 27, and WI 82 in Viroqua.  We'll take US 14 now.
This was the last picture before it got too dark.  Madison is in only 84 miles.  Only?!  

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