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Door County Trip


On the road to Point Beach State Forest. Yummy.  I've always wanted to have rotting fish heads at my beach.
The beach. Hill.  Steep Hill.
From the lookout tower in Potawatomie State Park in Door County.  This is looking out at where Sturgeon Bay meets Green Bay. From the lookout tower.
Lots of water here. The opposite side of the lookout tower.
One last look at the bays. I spy something blue...
I think this may be the beach at Whitefish Dunes SP. This is either WI 57 NB or WI 47 SB near Ephraim.  There are only ten miles or so until the northern end of Door County (not counting Washington Island).
This is WI 42 SB now. Bear right slightly to stay on the road.
Still going. Trucks barrelling around the curves on WI 42 SB.
A smooth curve. WI 42 without a directional banner.
WI 42 and CR G north of Sturgeon Bay. WI 57 SB is a very boring ride, so we skip ahead to where it meets I-43.  The control cities are Hwy 41-141 for northbound, as it ends at those US Routes a few miles north of here.
I-43 NB in Green Bay. Near the northern terminus of I-43.
This is it: End I-43! We're going on US 41 South.
South US 41 and US 141.  This is the same US 41 as Tamiami Trail in Miami, FL.  Cool! South US 41 shield.  US 41 is an interstate-compatible freeway from north of Green Bay down to Milwaukee.  There have been suggestions of I-41 here, coinciding with US 41, but its all conjecture.

That is all from the Door County Trip.

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