UM Roadtrip

Clinch an interstate here, clinch an interstate there...



The time came to enter the world of college in August 2004, and very fortunately, I was able to share my experience at the University of Miami with my car.  So we drove from Cleveland Heights all the way to Coral Gables.  This was momentous for a variety of reasons: I clinched all of I-77.  And I clinched I-95 in Florida, too.  College, what's that?  The picture you see above is of my room, which is a little more bare now that my roommate decided to work his evil on other people.  There is only a smattering of pics here, so enjoy what you can.


I-77 SB and I-64 EB, on the West Virginia Turnpike south of the state capital of Charleston.  This road may have been dangerous before, but I wanna see what it was like with the suicide lanes. At least the turnpike has retained the mountainous beauty of the state.
Sometimes that speed limit of 60 mph is a little hair-raising. Still in West Virginia, but about to enter Virginia after this tunnel on I-77 SB.
The tunnel. Wow, Virginia is pretty!
Another tunnel on I-77 South. Wow, we're going in two directions at once on four different roads!
This is what those four roads look like in southwestern Virginia. Mountain.
As soon as we cross into North Carolina, I-74 appears out of nowhere.  The southern part of I-77 in VA is quite scenic, although not marked as such on the maps. I almost feel like I'm home again...  I-74 shouldn't be here in my opinion.
I-74 and I-77 split in northern North Carolina. Charlotte, NC.  There was a large backup on the other side of the road and I don't know why.

That's all the pictures I felt like taking of this trip.  I thought I wasn't going to have a website when I was driving down here, but it turned out that it works just fine.  The rest of the ride wasn't so interesting anyway.