Trip to St. Augustine

June 10, 2005




I spent merely a month in Cleveland after school ended in May, so that makes 3 whole months I've lived in Cleveland.  Of course, those months are non-consecutive.  So anyway, Mom, Melissa, and me got the heck out of Ohio as soon as Melissa was out of school and here are the pics of the trip to St. Augustine. The following pics start on the east side of Cleveland and head south.  The picture you see at the top of the page is going over the Kanawha River in Charleston, WV.


First pic of the day is SB I-271 at Chagrin Blvd., which at this point is US 422.  US 422 also continues east via I-271. The impending split of I-271 and US 422 and the addition of I-480 is just a mile away.  But first, you get to Richmond Road.
At Richmond Rd. Nearing the interchange.
I-271 SB nearing OH 14.  This is in the extreme southeast suburbs of Cleveland. See?  I wasn't lying about what road we're on.
I-271 and I-480 split.  Cleveland area freeways are generally 60 US 224 is in Akron.  So that means we've skipped ahead a bit to I-77 SB.
Now near Canton, coming up on US 62 (although it's not really apparent from this pic). There is a lot of construction on I-77 near Akron-Canton.  Well, there was in mid-2005.  Who knows now.
I-77 SB at I-70. An I-77 scene.
The last exit in Ohio.  In the background, you can see some WV signage, although the sign is still in OH. Anytime you leave Ohio is a good time.
You know you've left civilization when the control city is Parkersburg. West Virginia already is prettier than Ohio.
Nearing I-79 and Charleston.  Weird how "To I-64" takes precedence over "South I-77." I-79 begins here.
The freeway here in Charleston is surprisingly crowded, although by no means is it congested. Almost to the WV Turnpike.
Some interstate shields with the state name in them! The grand city of Charleston.
SB I-77 and EB I-64. The capitol.
The WV Tpk. has begun. SB on the Turnpike, which is of course I-77 and I-64.
The mountains are so tall that I can't see the tops from the camera's view. It's kinda expensive to drive the turnpike.  Not that it's any cheaper anywhere else.
I-64 and I-77 are about to split. And here they do.
I-77 is solo now, but still tolled. Ooh!  Tunnels!!
Welcome to Virginia. Virginia does not like your radar detectors.  I do not like Virginia for this reason.
More tunnels!!! Check your lights.

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