Central Texas Roadtrip

Part Two


This is what US 180 looks like just before it ends on the horizon. At I-20, just on the east side of Weatherford, US 180 comes to an end.  Its west end is at the Grand Canyon.
In typical Texas fashion, you have to go on a frontage road in order to get onto I-20 from US 180's end. I-20 EB west of Fort Worth.
East I-20 shield. Approaching I-30's western terminus.  It only goes to Little Rock, so I-30 is not much of a big deal.
I-30 is on the left, and I-20 is on the right. I-20 looks pretty rural right around here.
Overhead BGSs on I-20 EB. Alright, starting to see semblances of life here on the south side of Ft. Worth.
I-20 widens out here at Winscott Road. The speed limit also drops to 60 m.p.h.
More EB I-20. On the urban south side of Ft. Worth, we approach I-35W.  Dallas gets I-35E.
The exit for I-35W.  Goodbye I-20. I-35W even has a Business Route.
Crossing US 67, which runs from near Davenport, IA, to the Mexico border in southwestern Texas. Right after I-35W and I-35E come together to reform I-35, this is the sign for US 77.
I-35 SB near Waco. I guess that's the end of the pictures for the day.  Wish I had gotten more but I must have been kinda lazy with the camera.  Or it was too trafficky to take more pix-- I-35 is kinda busy, you know.

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