St. Augustine Beach, Florida

Oct 29-31, 2004


I met my dad up here to check the progress of the house we're building.  This city is just south of St. Augustine.


This is SB A1A Beach Blvd in St. Augustine Beach.  This area is full of surf shops, seafood restaurants, and of course, hotels.  The Hilton Garden Inn is okay. This is the southern end of Beach Blvd (which is St. John's CR A1A) at FL A1A, which is known as Anastasia Blvd.
This is SB FL A1A at Ocean Trace Rd. in St. Augustine Beach.  The new house will be just a mile ahead and to the left-- ocean front!! At the corner of Ocean Trace and A1A is this fabulous restaurant: The Oasis.  It is the best place in town for breakfast or a quick lunch next to the beach.
The beach behind our soon-to-be-house (and just to the south, actually).  Vehicles are allowed on it, but there is far less room than there was a few months ago, thanks to Charley, Frances, Jeanne. Cars used to be able to baja 50 feet past this sign before, but now the ocean comes right up to it.  I believe this is at high tide.  I hope it was at high tide!!
A view to the north of the beach. Not only did the hurricanes wipe out my beach, but also created the White Cliffs of St. Augustine with the dunes.  Kind of ruins the beach, if you ask me.
This walkway was rebuilt after the hurricanes. However, this one was not.
My pathetic attempt to capture something pushing sand out from inside the cliff.  Could be a bug, could be a human, could just be pressure inside the dune.  I dunno.  I didn't stick around to find out. This cool sand formation reminds me of the cities from the "Lord of the Rings" movies.
This is one entrance to our future neighborhood along the ocean later in the day. And the road the house is on looking northbound. 
The ocean has receded a little bit later on in the day at the same sign on the beach.   

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