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So these are a little bit late, sue me.

The city gate, circa the 1700s.  I think. Southbound US 1 on the outskirts of the city.  The speed drops to 35 for about a mile.  Quite unnecessary if you ask me.
EB FL 312 just east of the US 1 intersection.  This area is shopping-friendly, with a few strip malls, Target, Home Depot, Barnes and Noble, and a few chain restaurants. FL 312 goes over the Matanzas River, as well as the Intracoastal Waterway, a little further on.
Didn't believe me?!  Here's proof. That's what the river and the Intracoastal look like.
FL 312 on the eastern bank of the river.  Now we're on Anastasia Island. FL 312 ends at FL A1A, Anastasia Blvd., but the roadway continues and then curves south to become St. John's CR A1A into St. Augustine Beach.
The shields that demonstrate what I said in the previous picture. I think this is Pope Road, on the boundary between St. Augustine and St. Augustine Beach.  Pope Rd. is just south of FL 312 and ends at CR A1A in St. Augustine Beach.  Confused?  Look at a map.
This is FL A1A south of my house, and south of the St. Augustine Beach area. It goes over the Matanzas Inlet, where the Matanzas River hits the Atlantic and Anastasia Island ends.
Looking west over the Matanzas.  This was taken from a little park on the side of the road. Another view of the Matanzas from the park.
On the other side of the inlet, on the other side of the road, there is this little beach where windsurfers and kite fliers like to hang out.  The inlet comes in from the left to meet the ocean. This is the parking area for said beach, an old part of A1A.
South of the inlet, on the Flagler-St. John's County line, is Marineland.  A sort of Sea World for people too scared to drive to Orlando. I believe this is actually NB FL A1A in southern St. John's County.
Here are some pretty shots from that park at the Matanzas Inlet.  This is looking at the A1A bridge over the inlet. And this is the gorgeous water of the Matanzas at sunset.
Looking north at Ft. Matanzas. Okay, I think that's all the St. Augustine pics I have for now.  If I randomly find more, I'll post them just like I did these.

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