House Construction Timeline

December 2005


Well, this time the house is ready to be lived in; we moved in just before Christmas.  It is not quite done yet, and these pics are only of the interior.  More will come as more progress is made.

This is Melissa's room, although I am sharing it because my room's wood floors are not completed yet.  That will come soon.  As you can see, I've already made the place my own. This is Melissa's side.
This is Melissa's bathroom, which is connected to mine by the shower, which conveniently has see-through glass. The hallway on the second floor, which connects my room to Melissa's.  This pic looks to my room.
I've already made my unfinished room my own as well. These are the stairs from the foyer to the first floor, where my parents' bedroom is.
This is the foyer.  Not much to look at really. Looking from the first floor to the second.  The door leads to the my bathroom, which is also the powder room of the house.  Luckily, no one will be visiting us and I can keep that door locked.
A dark view of the third floor from the second.  The third floor is home to the family room.  That is our brand new couch you see, which is almost the same color as the background of this web-page. There's the TV with a spiral staircase leading to the bar area of the kitchen.
O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree. Awww, Tucker loves his new bed.
A better view of where the spiral staircase goes. From the kitchen looking to Dad's library, with its doors shut tight for now.
That's the dining room table for now. This is the actual dining room, with a view to the neighbors' family room.
Looking back to the kitchen and straight ahead is the spiral staircase. The kitchen proper.  Appliances!
More appliances!!  And a sink! Tucker gets to eat right next to the fridge, quite possibly his dream meal location.  The left cabinet is the pantry.

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