House Construction Timeline

October 2005


Well, it has been more than a year now that the house has been under construction, and they say November 15, but I believe it not.  Maybe by Christmas... of 2006.  Anyway, here are the latest pics from St. Augustine taken 10/21/05.


The front.  Still no siding.  Still only a little roof. Closer shot.
The side of the house looking north. The roof is green, but not too green.
The front door. We have a dumbwaiter in our house.  Do you?
From the foyer looking through the door into the garage. From the first level hallway looking into the master bedroom.  Drywall's up!
The master bedroom. The master shower.
In my bedroom. Looking through the bathroom from my room into my sister's.
My sister's room.  Mine is nearly identical. Up another level to the family room, where I took this picture looking into the kitchen.  This is where a spiral staircase will soon be.
Dad's library. The library again, which is on the other side of the kitchen.
Looking into the family room from the dining room, which is in between the library and kitchen. This is the kitchen, and that box is either a teleportation device or where the fridge will go.
One more look into the family room from the kitchen.  Right in front of the camera is where the spiral staircase will go. Hey!  You can see the house from the beach!  Neat-o.

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