House Construction Update

St. Augustine Beach


In April 2005, I finally made it back up to St. Augustine to meet up with family and, much more importantly (just kidding Mom...), catch up on the latest news on the house.  Below you will find the house construction photos.  Enjoy.


The front of the house as seen from the street.  Whose beautiful blue car is that? The front of the house, as seen from between a portopotty and a Honda Ridgeline.
Ah, much better. The Grand Poobah entering what will one day be the garage.
The garage. Plenty of scaffolding around this column, which will be the entrance in a few months.
There's even a little trailer out front.  In the right side garage, there is a dumbwaiter.  For hoisting the old folks up when they become frail in about 5 years.  Was that too harsh?
So now between the two garages is this little foyer-like place, where I am looking out what will soon be the front door. The left garage gets a table for now.
That's my sis, dad and grandma in the "foyer." The stairs to the first floor, which is really just the half-floor.  The house is built with what amounts to half-levels.  There will be I think 5 levels in all, amounting to 3 stories.
My dad successfully convinced my sister that this crawlspace was her room. From the first level looking back on the "foyer."
So the whole floor is the mater bedroom area, and the front part on the left of this pic will be a bathroom. And through a door such as this, you can enter the bedroom.
A wall of the master bedroom.

Meeting with the architects in the master bedroom.

The view from my parents' room. A view to the ocean from the first level master bedroom.
The whole room. Going up another half level to the smaller bedrooms.
My bedroom, with bad lighting. My sister's bedroom, which has better light right now.  But the two are identical anyway.  We share a bathroom.
My sis' view to the front. Down the stairs to the master bedroom.  The staircase is always in the middle of the house.

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