House Construction Update

St. Augustine Beach


In February 2005, my aunt and uncle came down to the land of perpetual summer.  While they were at it, they stopped by St. Augustine and checked in on the house's progress.  Not too much had been done, as you will see, but at least it's a start.  Uncle Mike took these photos for us and so thanks to my aunt and uncle for the pictures!


Taken from the street, this is where our house sits between the two others. Hey, look!  They're laying pipe!
The front of the house.  The two large rectangular holes you see on either side are the garages. Mostly of a green waste bin, but you can see the north end of the house here, too.
Another front view. A shot of the side of the house.
This is the best look at where the substance of the house will be.  This is looking north at the side wall. From the beach, this is what the house looks like now.  Tut-tut.  It's illegal to be walking on those dunes, you know!!

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