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Old Pics


These pictures were taken before I came to UM in June of 2001.  I think many of these signs are still around, especially the ones on I-95.  But I do know that the Golden Glades interchange got some new signs in early 2005.  Anyway, here are the old ones:


Broward County:

I-595 WB (I think WB) as it approaches I-95 in Ft. Lauderdale.  I was eternally upset about the Speed Limit 55 sign to the right, but FDOT has just recently pushed the speed up to 65 mph.  Yay. Near I-95 and Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood Int'l Airport on I-595.  The road is nice and wide from I-95 in the east to I-75 in the west.
EB I-595 nearing Davie Rd. in Davie.  End I-595 EB at US 1 and the International Airport.  Port Everglades is straight ahead, although I-595 doesn't continue.
FL A1A NB in Ft. Lauderdale.  Turn right and you'll get to the beaches via a bridge over the Intracoastal.  SB I-75 nearing the Dade County line in Miramar.
NB I-75 somewhere in Broward warning that to get to Naples, you gotta get on the toll road (Alligator Alley).  So sue me, I forget where this sign is located.  But I'll guess it was somewhere on I-75 NB.
In Weston, I-75 meets I-595 and FL 869 (Sawgrass Expy).  It is a massive stack interchange with great high flyovers.  FL 869 is a bypass of Broward's development to get to the Palm Beach area.  This assembly from I-75 NB gives a view of the gigantic interchange (which, believe me, can be taken at high speeds no matter which direction you are headed). 
FL 84 EB as it hits Flamingo Rd (FL 823) in Davie.  FL 84 is the 50 mph, multilane frontage road (one way on either side of the interstate) of I-595, which collects and distributes traffic as needed.  It's pretty efficient, I think.   

Miami-Dade County:

This is the NB perspective of the I-75 southern terminus coming from FL 924 (Gratigny Pkwy.) in Hialeah.  Just a little further north is this sign bridge. 
From the north, I-75 SB ends in one mile.  This is as good as you get regarding an end sign.  The northern end of I-75 is in Sault Ste. Marie, MI, at the Canadian border.    I-75 SB ends 1/2 mile.  You can see how wide the road is here.  It is this wide throughout Miami-Dade and Broward counties, apparently in anticipation of monstrous growth.  If you ask me, it should all be Everglades west of I-75. 
The actual end of I-75.  Ahead is FL 924, a.k.a. Gratigny Pkwy.  The Palmetto Expressway (FL 826) is the crossroad.  The Palmetto forms a box around Miami, beginning north of the city at I-95, then it heads west, and then turns and ends south of the city at US 1 in Kendall.  This is on FL 924 EB after it sheds itself of the tolls near North Miami.
FL 924 EB as it crosses I-95.  I-95 has HOV lanes until downtown Miami.  These are some restrictions on SB.
I-195 and FL 112 BGS in the SB I-95 median in Miami. I-95 SB at I-195 and FL 112.  I-195 ends north of Miami Beach, but has an excellent nighttime view of the Miami skyline.  Since this picture was taken, the exit numbers have changed to mile-based and the lane configuration has changed slightly.  But who cares anyway? 
I-95 SB at I-395, which turns into the MacArthur Causeway (FL A1A) and heads into downtown Miami Beach.  This shouldn't really even be an interstate, as it is only a few blocks long. I-95 South shield in Miami.
I-95 is about to end its long journey from Maine.  The US 1 has a red shield!!  And there are holes in the "Reduce Speed" area that probably used to hold flashing lights.  Sadly, very sadly, this sign has been replaced by a new, boring one.  Bah. And the actual end of I-95.  This wonderful sign has also been replaced.  This is the merge of I-95 and US 1.  US 1 is pretty fast after I-95 ends.  No one goes the posted 45, but 55-60 is a good average. 
End I-95.  This sign is actually on US 1 just after the actual interchange.  US 1 is 6-lanes divided with a green, treey median for the next several miles.  As mentioned earlier, US 1 takes over from here.  The concrete structure on the right is the elevated train service called the Metrorail.  I think it should be expaned so that it is easier to get downtown by rail than car from the north and the south, but so far that has not happened.  It does go from UM to the Orange Bowl, so that's a plus!
This is FL 913, the Rickenbacker Causeway.  This is a tolled causeway, and it leads to Key Biscayne, a very pretty island with a beach and lighthouse, not to mention some good restaurants.  The Rickenbacker Causeway as seen just after the toll booths.  Speed Limit 45 throughout.
I-95 SB just before its end in Miami.  US 41 is ahead (also known as Lake Shore Drive in Chicago).  Holy nuggets!!  Look at the congestion!  A To I-95 shield on NB US 1 in southern Miami.  No such shield exists today, but there are still little green signs warning you of the interchange about 1/2 before I-95 splits off US 1.
I-95 NB at I-395 in Miami.  Aaaanndd I-95 NB at I-195 in Miami.

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