South Florida

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US 441 reduces to a one-lane ramp before it merges with FL 826 East. Then there is a ramp from US 441/FL 826 to the Turnpike NB.  This picture is after that ramp on the southern stub of the Turnpike.
The toll plaza on the Florida's Turnpike stub. They are reconstructing a bridge right past the plaza, so traffic is reduced to 2 lanes each way on one side of the road.
The end of the construction. The turnpike is very wide here, as it goes by Dolphins Stadium.
Dolphins Stadium, where not only the Dolphins play, but also the Marlins.  Go Fins! The north end of the Turnpike stub.  The mainline turnpike follows the Homestead Extension southward to Homestead.
A view of the Turnpike NB. Northbound at Griffin Road, FL 818.
The Turnpike NB at I-595/FL 84/US 441.  This interchange has a bunch of sharp curves that people take way too fast. Evidence of my previous statement: this mess is what remains of the embankment of one ramp after a tanker blew up as it crashed.  Taking this curve too fast will kill you.
The exit for Sunrise Blvd., FL 838.  This road will get you right downtown Ft. Lauderdale. Crossing Toll FL 869, the Sawgrass Expy.
In Palm Beach County now, this is nearing Atlantic Ave. The Turnpike goes down to 4 lanes in Palm Beach County.
But it looks as if there is construction to widen it.  Traffic definitely warrants a widening, I would say.  

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