Miami in March

Never doing that again...


Yeah, okay, so on a usual afternoon in March of '06, I-95 was a logjam from its south beginning at US 1 all the way up to the Golden Glades interchange, which is in extreme northern Miami-Dade County.  That's about 15 miles.  So I decided to take an alternate route-- US 1.  The worst idea ever.  Traffic was so bad on the surface streets that it took me 2 hours to get through the city.  The city.  No kidding.  But I did take some pics to pass the time.  Enjoy them please...


This is US 1 NB just north of the southern terminus of I-95.  In these parts, US 1 is called Brickell Ave. Here's Miami Avenue crossing US 1.
See, Miami Ave. Northbound reassurance shield on Brickell.
Northbound again on the tree-lined boulevard. You can see the building ahead from my dorm window at UM.  Right downtown, the speed limit is a surprising 40 m.p.h.
The trees are still stripped from Hurricane Wilma in October. The windows are still blown out on many buildings, as well.
Ahead is the Espirito Santo Plaza, my favorite building in Miami.  As you can see, its windows are blown out, too. The Espirito Santo Plaza up close.
NB US 1 goes over a large drawbridge over the Miami River up ahead. And here, NB US 1 takes a sharp right turn to go over to the Port of Miami.
There was a lot of congestion so I took a slight detour to this street, which may or may not be 3rd Ave. Back on US 1, which is now called Biscayne Blvd.  The American Airlines Arena, where the Heat play, is just ahead.
The Port of Miami. This looked pretty so I took a picture of it.  Eventually I'll get online and look up what this building is.
To I-95 and FL 836 turn left.  The 836 is the Dolphin Expy. and heads directly to the airport. There's old A1A, which I live off of in St. Augustine, 300 miles to the north.
This is on the north side of town still on US 1.  Just after I took this pic, I headed back to I-95 because it was so bad on US 1.  At this point I'd been in the car for about 1.5 hours.  


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