Katrina Damage


On the evening of August 25th, 2005, Hurricane Katrina made landfall about 15 miles north of UM, near the Dade-Broward County Line.  Winds were at 80 mph and at least 4 people were killed in traffic accidents and because of falling trees.  Here are the pictures of the resulting damage, which isn't too bad considering how bad it will be in the panhandle when Katrina arrives there.  The top picture is of the main road to the university (Stanford Drive) looking north.


Trees were down all over the place, especially the thinner ones. Another tree down just around the corner from the first one.
Messy messy parking lot. Poor guy or gal who owned this car!  This is the only car on campus I saw that had a tree on top of it, but probably wasn't the only one.
The winds wrenched open this gate at Ponce Blvd. and Pearson Residential College. Trees and debris littered the sides of Ponce Blvd.
More tree crud at the entrance to the university. Trees down outside the Wesley Center.
Many palm trees looked naked after the storm. It was an obstacle course on the paths around campus.
It looks like a new forest has sprung up right in the middle of the pathway... ...but no, it is just a giant tree that has fallen over it.
The same giant tree. The wind just uprooted these giant, giant roots.
More naked palms. A blurry shot of another ex-tree.
More obstacles to deal with. All the palms from the tops of the trees went to the bottoms.
These swingy seats were newly placed out on the patio here.  Too bad they were wrecked by Katrina. Okay, this is an Africa-sized tree that fell right at the center of campus.  It was a pretty and cool tree but Katrina got it. 
The Africa tree uprooted totally. Holy nuggets, you can see just how big the tree is with that girl standing right in front of it.  It's like 6 times as tall as her when it's on its side!!

That's all for Katrina.  No more Hurricanes in South Florida!  Although I do feel bad for those on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi, Alabama, and all of southeast Louisiana, where they get Katrina far worse than we did. 

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