NYPA Roadtrip

Or does PANY sound better?



Because Cleveland Heights was just oh-so exciting, I took a little trip out to Pennsylvania via New York in early June 2005, learning three things: that my air conditioner was broken, that I can get away with taking long roadtrips if I deliberately underestimate the time it will take, and that PA 666 is a great road I'd like to ride in the winter.  So anyway, here are the pictures from my "longer-than-expected" trip.  The top picture is of westbound US 62 in Pennsylvania south of Tionesta.  I think.


Great, I'm just outside of the Cleveland area (on I-90 EB) and already I'm in a traffic jam. Things get better by the time I reach OH 7.
Any time you leave Ohio is a good time. I am fascinated by US 6N, a completely useless federal highway.
I hate how I-90 drops to 55 m.p.h. in a ten-mile radius of Erie.  Gah, so slow!!  Here we are at I-79. Now at US 19 and approaching PA 97.
Yes!  Almost at my exit!  It will be my first time on any I-86. I-86 splits off here, headed to Jamestown, NY.
As you can see, Pennsylvania's short portion of I-86 is under a considerable amount of construction. I-86 shield.
Welcome to NY! A flat scene on the Southern Tier Expressway.
A bunch of shields here.  Even though the Southern Tier Expy. isn't all I-86 yet, I think this part of NY 17 should be decommissioned.  Old habits die hard I guess. Going over a lake that is, as far as I know, unnamed near Jamestown.  Actually, someone wrote to me and told me that this is Lake Chautauqua.  Thanks very much!!
Just across the lake, here we are at NY 430's exit. I think it's really cool that that same road goes through Muskogee, OK, where my grandparents live.
I-86 starts to get prettier near Allegany State Park. Some construction signs have been covered up 9 miles west of Salamanca.
Radar detectors are illegal in NY, so I went 65 m.p.h. the whole way.  Here US 219 joins for a bit. Soft curve to the right...
...soft curve to the left. The last glimpse of I-86 for you.
I got off the interstate at Olean. Olean seems like a teeming small town.
Headed out on EB NY 471 and NY 305. The two state roads split south of Portville, near the PA line.
State Speed Limit sign on NY 417 east of Route 305. I believe this is NY 305 SB.
End NY 305 at the PA line. Now on PA 446 southbound.

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