Michigan Roadtrip

The way down


End M 107 in Silver City. The big, wooden US 45 tribute at the highway's northern end in Ontonogan.
US 45 ends at M 64.  M 64 makes its end here. The roads of Rhinelander.  I don't have any pics of US 45 South because dad let me drive his car for the first time ever: my first time driving the 2000 Saab 9-3 Viggen.
At the time, US 51 immediately south of US 8 was a super-2, but my Rand McNally 2005 atlas shows it as 4-lane. Still on the super-2 part of US 51 SB.
Instead of an I-39 begins shield, there is this JCT sign on US 51 SB.  It really isn't a junction, as the roadway just becomes I-39. The first southbound I-39 shield.
Only a county road shield could make this assembly complete! Follow I-90/94 to Chicago and Milwaukee.
I-39 and I-90/94 are about to begin their journey through the heart of Wisconsin. The split of the ramps to I-39 and/or I-90/94.
I guess someone forgot I-39 here. Back in Madison, I-94 is about to depart.
To me, it's kind of interesting to have the control city for I-39 be Chicago.  But I understand why. Hey!  We've made it back to Illinois!

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