Subaru WRX

The WRX in WRX900


I first saw my Subaru sitting in my driveway in June of 2002, upon returning from a band trip to Orlando.  My Saab had died before I went on the trip, and I was not expecting a new car so quick-- or for the old one to have left already.  But it was GREAT!  I was sad to see my Saab go, but this car ROCKS.  The following are from the day it became my WRX:


So very, very blue!! Tucker (the dog) gets to check out the new car, too!
As you can see, I'm quite pleased with the new addition. Quite pleased, indeed.


Like I had done with my Saab a year earlier, in April 2003, I took a series of photos of the Subaru.  They are as follows:


It was cloudy out, but the Subaru was shining even if the sun wasn't. The car with a surrounding view of my former neighborhood.

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