1993 Saab 900 S

I'm still attached to her...


This classic 900 joined the family in April of 1992, I believe.  I still remember the day.  The first thing I noticed when we were still inspecting it on the lot was when you had the key in the ignition (of course, it was on the floor) and left the doors open, the car would "bing" at you.  The old old 900 (1983 model) used to screech if that happened.  My dad used it and put 160,000 miles on it before he got the Viggen and handed the 900 to me.  It was a great car, although I only drove it for a few months.  I miss this one, even if it wasn't powerful or cool or anything.  It was my first car...  I wasn't around when my parents traded it in for my WRX in June 2002.  I was in Florida with the high school band.  But I think it might be better that way because I would have been really sad to see it go in person.


Pics from home:

In April 2002, I did a photo shoot in my driveway.  The melting snow left the area wet, and perfect for pictures. Ain't she beauty-full?
The side view. You may recognize this pic from the home page.
You can see my dad's old Viggen in the garage.  It, too, is now gone... Yet another view.
Closeup of the rear, with the classic old Illinois license plates.   

Pics from her final day as my car:

She sits in the parking lot at Gerald Subaru in Naperville.  It is the last time anyone would see her. Sigh...
This is so sad. Good-bye dear Saab.

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