Hoover Dam

Sin National Recreation Area


I wish I could tell you more about these pictures, but they were all taken in 2001.  This means that I have forgotten everything about them, except for the fact that they are pretty.  So I'll just have to re-take the trip and learn it all again!


Looking south somewhere on US 93 near Boulder City. This is a fantastically pretty area, and that is the fantastic Lake Mead.
Whoa, there!  This was taken from the top of the dam straight down into the turbulent waters below.  Wouldn't like to fall in! The Colorado River is a beautiful blue color around here.
We're in Nevada time, and the other tower probably has an Arizona time. Remember the third photo?  Well, we're down there now.
This is a very cool experience, and I hope to go again!! The gigantor turbines that run the dam.
Too bad we couldn't go in this tunnel, which serves a purpose which I do not remember at this point and time.  Hey, it was almost 5 years ago!! More river action.
It's amazing what people can do! Uh-oh!  What state am I in?
What would this page be without a picture of the dam itself?  Well, here it is!!  

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