Iowa Roadtrip

Iowa: it's that state next to Illinois


Back in December 2002, my roadtrip compadre Margot and I went on a little roadtrip out to the Quad Cities area.  After touring Davenport, Bettendorf, Rock Island, and Moline, we took US 67 north until its end at US 52 near Sabula, IA, and then crossed into Illinois and went more north on IL 84 to US 20.  Then we took US 20 back to the Chicago area.  Nothing really special, and no big events occurred on the trip either.  But here are some pictures anyway.  The picture above is of I-74 West in Iowa. 


The end of the (former) East-West Tollway at US 30 near Rock Falls.  I-88 continues as an IDOT freeway to the Quad Cities. After the tollway ends, the I-88 shields get smaller.
Back in December '02, the road was quite rough in this area.  But it has since been repaired, and is quite smooth. An I-88 scene.
The exit for US 30, which goes to Clinton, IA. You don't know how long 51 miles is until you've driven I-88 in Northwest Illinois.
Margot was quite taken with this stick, so she just had to photograph it. IL 92 exit.
IL 92 joins I-88 to the Quad Cities. I-80 to I-74 Peoria.  Almost there!
IL 2 used to run here before I-88 came along.  Interesting how they actualy put "Former IL 2" into the BGS.  I wouldn't have thought IDOT would do that. The first indication that I-88 is about to end: only IL 5 and IL 92 are on the left BGS.
This is a weird interchange, but not terribly complicated. A rare instance of IDOT placing a shield at the exit.  I don't know why this one exists-- it's kind of redundant.
IL 5 takes over where I-88 left off.  IL 5 used to be all of I-88, but they added I-88 in order to raise the speed limit on the freeway/tollway to 65 mph.  That was because of a ridiculous law that said you have to have 55 mph on all non-interstate freeways.  It has since been de-lawed. Proof that I-88 actually does end.
IL 5 is the John Deere Expy, which is a non-interstate standard expressway. Illinois usually doesn't use this style of sign that indicates an ending lane.  I've seen it nowhere else (although I haven't been everywhere).
IL 5 later turns into a surface street and ends at US 67 in Rock Island. An old US 67 shield.  No directional banner.
US 67 splits its northbound and southbound lanes here. A huge and barren US 67 NB in Rock Island.
US 67 goes over a toll bridge into Davenport, Iowa. Now in Iowa with its trademark narrow directional arrows.
More US 61 and US 67. Now in the northern parts of Davenport, at US 6.

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