Dixon Trip


Seems like all my Illinois pictures have clouds in them.  I sure know how to pick my roadtrip days!  This trip in the spring of 2002 took me on IL 64 West to IL 2 South to Dixon.  Then after exploring the end of IL 38, which goes right by my old house in Winfield, I took US 52 East to US 34 East and back home.  One of the first and last roadtrips I made with my Saab 900.


Would you like to "actuate" this signal?  I know I would. Routes 64 and 23 meet in Sycamore.
A scene from Sycamore on WB IL 64. Sorry for the steering wheel.  This is WB IL 64 at I-39 in Central Illinois.
ALT 39 is really IL 251.  But they don't say that here. Here we are at IL 251, which parallels I-39 and US 51.  IL 251 is the original alignment of US 51, but the US route was moved onto the freeway (I-39) when it was built.
Continuing westward on IL 64, we meet IL 2 all the way out in Oregon.  No, not the famous Oregon.  Small-time Oregon. South IL 2.  This is a nice road paralleling the Rock River into the town of Rock Falls.
IL 2 makes a curve to the left.  Excuse the wheel again, I was a novice at roadsign photography back in early 2002. In Dixon now, approaching US 52 and IL 26.
The Lincoln Highway goes through this construction zone in Dixon. An array of signs, from the LGSs hung over the road to the two markers on the right: Lincoln Hwy. and the Ronald Reagan Trail.
In downtown Dixon, there is a nice arch welcoming you. IL 38 begins a few blocks ahead on US 52.  The east end of Route 38 is at US 12/20/45 in Westchester.
US 52 (To IL 38) turns left while South IL 26 continues. To Toll I-88. 
US 52 and Lincoln Hwy, nearing IL 38. Almost...
Almost... YES!!  Finally on IL 38 Eastbound.
Looking westbound at the impending doom of IL 38. The death of Route 38 means nothing to the Lincoln Highway, which continues into the western parts of the United States.
IL 26 SB at I-88, which at the time was the E-W Tollway.  Now it is the Ronald Reagan Memorial Tollway. US 30 crosses here.  The Ronald Reagan Trail follows IL 26 southwards.
A typically Illinois scene on US 30 East just after IL 26. We've made it back to IL 251, this time on US 52.  I turned this way when US 30 hit US 52.
US 52 connects with Route 251.  Near Mendota. JCT US 34 in Mendota.  In the Chicago area, US 34 is known as Ogden Ave.  To the west, it heads to the Rocky Mountains in Colorado.
Going east on US 34.  Sometimes, Illinois doesn't like to put the directional banners on its highways in rural areas.  This is one of those times.  

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