Around Starved Rock


One day during the summer of 2003, my roadtrip compadre Margot and I decided to go around to Starved Rock State Park on the Illinois River.  Naturally, we didn't just go there and back.  Here are the pics that took us in a full loop around the park, with a stop there.  Margot deserves credit for many of the following pics.  Hey, guess what?!  It's cloudy again!


I-80 West at I-39 and US 51.  Starved Rock is not too far behind us ;-)  Actually IL 178 goes to the visitor's center, but I never go there anyway.  Right to the hiking trails! I-80 West approaching the most useless interstate ever: I-180.  This is my exit.
Can you tell why it is the most useless interstate ever yet?  Goes from Nowhere, IL, to Really Nowhere, IL. A short freeway connector heads to IL 29 and Peoria while I-180 makes a turn to the east.
I-180 is still signed South even though we're going East now. I-180 is prepared to end in 1/2 mile.  This is near Hennepin.
IL 71 will take over from here, heading to Oswego via Starved Rock. But first, it hits IL 89.
If I can't get you a centered sign, at least you get to see some Illinois countryside. IL 251 and IL 351 signs.  IL 351 follows IL 71 north for a while.
East IL 71 and North IL 351.  At the time, the bridge for IL 351 was closed over the Illinois River near LaSalle.  It's probably open by now. JCT IL 178 on IL 71 East.  This is in the Starved Rock area finally.
End IL 178 at I-80, north of Starved Rock. IL 71 hooks up with US 6 in Ottawa.  This is east of Ottawa where US 6 splits from IL 71.  I followed it.
US 6 East at IL 170.  This is the northern terminus of IL 170. Somehow, somehow, I made it to IL 7 in Joliet.  I don't recommend taking this road if you don't like heavy traffic.  Back home from here.

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