Rock Falls/Sterling Area


I took a brief trip over to Rock Falls and Sterling one day in the summer of '02 because I was bored.  I just toured IL 38, IL 2, and I-88 before coming back home.  I did, however, find a stretch of the Lincoln Highway that I would like to get back to one day.

IL 2 ends at IL 40 in Sterling.  Rock Falls is just south of here.  The Rock River separates the two towns. Another South IL 40 shield at the end of IL 2.
Route 30, meet Route 40.  In Rock Falls now. I like this picture.  I think it's pretty.
East or west on the free part of I-88?  This is the newly-christened Ronald Reagan Memorial Highway.  But at the time it was just I-88. Kind of hard to believe this road is the same one that goes right by where I live.  Eastbound I-88.
A small I-88 shield. Interesting... Joliet seems a little far away for it to be the control city all the way out here for US 30.  Then again, there aren't too many towns between here and Joliet besides Aurora, and I-88 goes there anyway.  Oh well.
I didn't know there was a truck restriction on the tollway until just now. The last exit before toll.  I-88 is the Reagan Tollway from here on out.

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