Random Pictures

Not very interesting but here ya go!


So these pictures are of random shots in Illinois when I made my way from St. Augustine to DeKalb in May of 2007.  It was kinda a rainy drive, but I took pictures anyway.  


Crossing the Ohio River from Kentucky on I-24 West. The people of Illinois welcome me.
Exit in 21 miles to Vienna and Golconda.  Or you could exit here at US 45, which in the Chicago area is known as LaGrange Rd. and Mannheim Rd. West I-24 shield.
Weird how in the picture above this one, the left BGS doesn't mention IL 146.  But here is the exit to Vienna and Golconda. This is what much of I-24 looks like in rural southern Illinois.
Neat rock cuts on I-24.  They're only neat because they're rock cuts in Illinois, which is quite uncommon. I-24 is about to end.  Boo hoo.
I've been wanting this shield for years so there was no way in heck I was gonna miss it this time around! This BGS is on the last stretches of I-24 before it merges with I-57.  You can see I-57 come in from the left.
There's so much nothing in this part of the state that they make BGSs for things 51 miles away. North I-57.
IL 13 goes to Carbondale to the west and Harrisburg to the east.  Carbondale is where Southern Illinois University is located.  You know, if you want to have a drink or something. Okay, that's all the random pictures I have right now.  Told you they weren't very interesting.

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