Trip up I-55


This is really all just from a trip from Oklahoma back home.  But I didn't want to include this as a roadtrip because it's a drive to see my grandparents that I took every year-- not a roadtrip really.  But the pictures are here nonetheless.  This is from the summer of 2003, when I begged my mom to go through downtown St. Louis instead of taking the bypass and she was mad at me.  I think she complained the whole time I was taking these pictures.


This is the first BGS in Illinois going north on I-55 and east on I-64/70.  On the Poplar St. Bridge.Verification that the previous sign is indeed the first in Illinois.
This sign is a relic of the past!  To I-64 was from when I-64 didn't quite make it to the Mississippi River.  Now it goes to the Missouri River west of St. Louis, and there is a "To I-64" sign on I-64 itself!!Continuing on the tri-plex of interstates through East St. Louis.
IL 3 and the Great River Road Northbound follow I-55/64/70 for a bit.Shields!
I guess I wanted to get artsy and take the welcome sign crooked.Interesting sign here: I-64 splits off to Louisville, but there are two panels for I-64, along with two shields and control cities.  That's because the only way to get to IL 3 is via the right lane, which also goes to I-64 mainline.
The exit for IL 203 is coming up.The many shields on the interstate.
IL 111 and the River Road ahead.Coming up on the St. Louis beltway.  The neatest place I-255 NB goes is to I-270!!
The exit for I-255.  I-55/70 reduces to 4 lanes after this interchange.Couple of things to see on IL 157.  How enthralling.
IL 159 exits.  Stinkin' cloverleaves!US 40 heads off the road here, a few miles before I-70 does. 
I-55 and I-70 keep on goin'!One mile until I-70 departs.
I-70 leaves I-55 behind as it goes to Indianapolis.  We're still headed to Chicago.I-270 begins here, making its way around St. Louis and back to I-255. 
Take this exit for ridiculously overpriced gas and a good stretch of Historic US 66, including the historic Arista Cafe, which is quite delicious if I do say so myself.North I-55 coming up on I-72 in Springfield. 
Loopity loops on a BGS on I-55 NB in Springfield.The Springfield interstates share pavement for a few miles.
Northbound I-55/72 skirting the capital city. Around the town of Lincoln, I-55 crosses IL 10 and IL 121. Also, I-155 starts here. 
I-155 NB heads to Peoria.Now we're coming up on Bloomington-Normal.  I-55 and I-74 through town are in a constant state of reconstruction.  Has it ever been normal?  Will the construction ever end?  Who knows?
Proof that we're on the roads I said we're on.The gorgeous Illinois button copy shines brightly and boldly here north of Bloomington.  The rest of the trip is history as far as I'm concerned, so that's it.
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