Charleston Trip


These were taken July 2001 when I went to drum major camp at Eastern Illinois University in Charleston.  Charleston is an hour south of Champaign-Urbana.  The town is really pretty boring and I would not like to live there.  Examples: the bank is literally called "The Bank" and the local hangout is called "HOW Y'ALL ARE?"  I only took pictures on the way back (north).


EB IL 16 nearing IL 130 in Charleston. The intersection of IL 16 and IL 130.  The Lincoln Heritage Trail also goes through here.
West on IL 16 and the Lincoln Trail. WB IL 16 near I-57.  This is just east of Mattoon.  IL 16 is a 4-lane divided highway from Mattoon to Charleston.
An overhead assembly for I-57 on IL 16 West. North I-57.
Into Arcola on IL 133 for a lunch stop. A shield for I-57 SB on IL 133 WB.
I-72 ends here at I-57.  I-74 is in just 2 miles.  University Avenue will take you to University of Illinois.  Near Champaign. Turn here for the beginning of I-72 West.
It is unusual for IDOT to place a shield at the exit on an interstate. NB I-57 at I-74.
IL 17 crosses I-57 in Kankakee. IL 50 ends in Kankakee, then goes northward to the Chicago area, where it is known as Cicero Ave.
I-57 NB at I-80.  There is no direct connection between I-57 and I-294 (an interchange will be built), so that explains the "To I-294" shield on the right.  Currently, the only way to get to the Tri-State from I-57 is via I-80. East I-80 shield in between I-57 and the Tri-State (I-294). 
Kedzie Avenue is the last exit on I-80 before it runs on the Tri-State for a few miles. I-80 EB 2 miles west of the Tri-State.  Usually under the direction of the interstate, the tollway puts "Tollway."  However, these signs say "Tri-State Toll" and "Tri-State Tollway," so they must be made by IDOT.
Also note the use of Wisconsin and Indiana as control cities for the Tri-State.  Other places on the tollway use Milwaukee as the northern control.  

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