Dang it, all the foreign pics on this site aren't mine...



In January 2005, my good friend Phil went to Germany with his school for a couple of weeks.  While he was there, he took tons of pictures and some were even road-related!!  He was kind enough to let me use some of them on my website.  If you'd like to go more in-depth, check out Phil's site.  That's the Alps up there at top!  Please do not use these pictures, as they are not mine to give out.  I'm not too good at explanations here-- I took Spanish.  Enjoy Germany, everyone!


There are lots of people walking along this street in Munich. Some tall buildings line this street.
A view of Munich. This is a street called Barbarastrasse, still Munich, outside Phil's hotel window.
Bike signs are blue. It's possible that this Smart Car may make it to the US market in the foreseeable future.
A road that is split by trolley tracks.  The middle where the tracks are is also used by buses.  This is the stop outside Phil's hotel. Don't know what that sign in the foreground means, but it seems like it bans people from the area, in which case the pedestrians behind it should be ticketed.  Phil has told me the sign probably means that you shouldn't leave children unattended.
The river in Salsburg, Austria. A series of signs at a bank I believe.  It says "Bank" up there, right?  Yo no se.
Those stairs look pretty daunting! A look at Salsburg, Austria, from above.
Hey, I know what this means!  Phil wants to know if the WC is that tree over there. Whoa, this sign must be telling Phil he's doing something wrong.  It means "No entrance," according to Phil's expertise.
Anfang!  This means Entrance, Phil tells me.  What looks to be a stack of signs is actually the flag of Munich, which is quite awesome.
Some cool German road signs! Some more German road signs!