As crowded as South Florida, but not as cool


So in November of '05, I took a quick trip up to get my grandma, who was staying at my aunt and uncle's house in Orlando.  This is the result.  The top picture is of some Orlando skyline action on I-4 EB.


I-4 is understandably wide in the city. I guess this means we're at the city limits.
Plenty of construction going on here on I-4 EB. Plenty of US Routes here, too.
Don't tell anybody, but I made a wrong turn, so here I am on US 17-92-441 turning around. Now I'm going the opposite way on I-4 and here is the exit I really wanted.
The actual exit. I want FL 50!
And here are some signs pointing me to it. To Toll FL 408.
US 17-92 hooks up with FL 50 for a while. Dang this is a busy road!

My excursion pretty much ended here and it was back to Miami!

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