Jacksonville Area

New Pics


Most of these are from the I-95/I-295/FL 9A interchange in southern Duval County.  This interchange pushes the Jacksonville Beltway further towards completion.  I think the only real part left to do is at St. John's Bluff Road and Butler Blvd, where a new roadway is being built.  I think when that is finished, FL 9A will become I-295.  These pics were taken July 2005.

This is NB I-95 approaching the interchange described above. These newly-unveiled signs point you to FL 9A or I-295.  The I-295 exit is brand new, while I think the 9A exit has been open for a short time longer.
The I-295 flyover ramp. The left side of the roadway is I-295 turning into FL 9A and the right side is FL 9A turning into I-295.  The latter roadway was not open when I took the picture, and was opened not one week after I passed through.
The current southern end of I-295.  Soon enough, this road will have no ends. NB I-295 about to cross the monstrous St. John's River.  I hate when interstate BGSs have "THRU TRAFFIC" on it.  Of course, it's through traffic!!  It's an interstate!
All you see here is the St. John's River bridge on I-295 NB. If you look closely, you can kind of see the Jax skyline.
I-295 NB on the west side of the city. I-295 NB at I-10.  We are only about 5 miles west of the heart of Jacksonville.
FL 9A begins and I-295 ends.  We're back at the same interchange, but later in the day.  

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