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There's a roundish building I'd never seen before.  See what happens when you get lost? This is the underside of the US 20 and US 42 bridge.
It's blurry, but it's the Flats!  Somehow, we made it to the parking area.  Wasn't too busy today. More views of the city.
Here's an alright shot of the skyline. This is the underside of Cleveland's famousish big blue bridge, which carries OH 2 (the Shoreway).
And this is the entrance ramp onto the big blue bridge. And here is a BGS assembly.
Coming up on the Browns' field. This is a pretty cool drive.
You can even see the lake from here. About to join I-90 East.
This is confusing.  We're on I-90, but it only says OH 2. Well, I-90 reappears.
It is a wide road, even though it has a low speed limit. East I-90 and OH 2 at 55th Street.
Continuing East. Lake Shore Blvd.  Sounds interesting.
I-90 and OH 2 East shields. Almost at OH 283, Lake Shore Blvd.
This is part of the Lake Erie Circle Tour. The name Lake Shore Blvd. is very misleading...
So we turn off desperately. And find our way to some park roads.
Under a brick arched bridge. And back into familiar territory.  This is Carnegie Ave. East as it is about to turn into Cedar Rd.  The red Xs and the green arrows indicate the variable lane configurations on this road.  It is really cool, and freaks Mom out.
It's blurry, but you can see how the eastbound lanes split and one of the 3 eastbound lanes goes into the westbound side of the road.  The double yellow lines are dotted, and you're supposed to know what lanes are open to you. It's almost like playing Chicken.
As it climbs this hill, Carnegie turns into Cedar. Eastbound on Cedar in Cleveland Heights, which is the town I live in.
Here's a neighborhood road in Cleveland Heights. Still wandering in Cleveland Heights.

That's it!

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