Western Suburbs

I grew up in the Western Suburbs of Chicago, in Warrenville, Winfield, and West Chicago.  But I can also pride myself in knowing where almost any road in the Chicago area goes, especially in the Western Burbs.  Here are a few 2002 samples of roads in the area where I lived.  I think I should really have more, seeing as I lived there.  But I don't.  I'll go back some time and get pictures of Winfield.


West Chicago:

This directional sign for IL 38 is from NB IL 59.  Route 59 connects to IL 38 (known locally as Roosevelt Rd.) via Dayton Ave., as Roosevelt heads under 59 (officially, but not called, Neltnor Blvd.).  Route 59 is four lanes divided throughout the city (and really throughout DuPage County). North IL 59 shield just north of the previous intersection.  The speed is 45 here, but drops to 35 closer to downtown.  Average traffic speed throughout West Chicago seems to be about 50 or so with a few drivers who go 35 the whole way. 
Eastbound Roosevelt just past Joliet Street (which probably means nothing to you).  This stretch has a Jewel on the left and a tire store and a car dealer on the right.  It hits IL 59 in about a mile (if you look closely, you can see the JCT signage in the distance after the Speed Limit 45 sign). Okay, so this is not in West Chicago, but it is just south of the city, in Warrenville.  This I-88 shield has been around since about 1993, when Winfield Rd. was extended into Cantera, and has the Illinois state name inside the shield.  This is on SB Winfield Rd. at the Warrenville Rd. intersection.  A Walgreens was being constructed at the time of this photo in spring 2002.

Oak Brook and Downer's Grove:

This BGS was either taken in Oak Brook or in Downer's Grove, from either 22nd Street or IL 56 (Butterfield Rd.) respectively.  As with Roosevelt Rd., IL 56 is not referred to by number.  Butterfield splits off of the mainline road, which becomes 22nd Street, in Oak Brook. This is from EB 22nd Street in Oak Brook, about to cross IL 83, the ridiculously busy pseudo-expressway, Robert Kingery Highway.  Parts of IL 83 are expressway standard, and other parts are filled with a multitude of lights.  All parts have tons of traffic.
At the actual intersection of 22nd and 83.  Kingery Hwy is a tri-state road, going from Antioch at the Wisconsin border, to just west of the Indiana border at US 30. This is the aforementioned split between Butterfield Rd. and 22nd Street in Oak Brook.  It is a predominantly commercial area.  As you can see, Butterfield comes in from the right when headed WB.
This is at the intersection of I-355 and IL 56 WB in Downer's Grove.  This area has a lot of traffic, restaurants, strip malls, and retail stores.  And traffic.  Did I mention traffic? IL 56 WB at IL 53 in Downer's Grove.  Really, this is closer to Lisle.  But anyway.  IL 53 has a variety of names in the Western Burbs, but no one really knows them and IDOT doesn't care either.  I'm not sure if this section of 53 is named or not, but it is currently in the running for widening, which the locals don't like. 

Fox River Area:

In Carpentersville, IL 25 ends its short north-south run at IL 62 (Algonquin Rd.).  It runs south along the Fox River to Oswego, along with IL 31. In Elgin, SB IL 25 makes a kooky turn to the left at Dundee Ave. and Liberty St. (I think).  Sorry it is a bit blurry.  Don't strain yourself too much.
SB Route 25 takes another kooky turn, this time to the right, at IL 19 (which is mostly Irving Park Rd., but in the city of Elgin it is Chicago St.).  It was such a nice and sunny day...  In the southern regions of Elgin, IL 25 crosses I-90, the Northwest Tollway.  Here's proof.
IL 64 (North Ave) WB near Charlestown Mall in St. Charles at the Kane/DuPage County line.  

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