Chicagoland Scans

Some of my earliest photography!


These pictures are in two sections.  The snaps of downtown Chicago were taken by my dad and me from the Adler Planetarium back in 2000, when I was in 8th grade.  The other pics are road-related around the area and were taken in 2002 I believe.  Have fun with this blast from the past.



Lake Michigan is pretty blue in the summertime. Looking south at what was Meigs Field on Northerly Island.  After da Mare ripped up the runways in the middle of the night a couple years ago, there is no longer an airport, rather a park.
People were already using the area for recreational purposes, obviously. That's the planetarium.
And that would be the Shedd Aquarium in the background there. Off in the distance, you can see Navy Pier, before it was the giant tourist attraction it is now.
More pretty skyline. One last shot.


Road Scenes:

SB IL 59 approaching I-88 in Naperville. Illinois puts a "Toll" banner on its tollways.
This interchange no longer looks like this picture shows it with I-88's reconstruction in 2004-05. This was the scene to get to EB I-88.
Looking west on I-88 from the IL 59 overpass.  Jeez, I remember when I-88 used to become a rural 65 m.p.h. highway here! On Diehl Road, there is a sign with a JCT banner added for good measure.
Whoa there, how'd we get all the way into the city?  This is the Kennedy Outbound, otherwise known as I-90/94 West. I-94 splits off the Kennedy Expy. off to Milwaukee, while I-90 goes to the airport.  Weird how I-94's exit numbers are used here.
A couple of shields that have seen better days on IL 19, Irving Park Road. Here's EB IL 19, which runs from Elgin to Lake Shore Drive.  This is the way to Wrigley Field.
Another IL 19 East shield. Now back on the Kennedy, where Express lanes exist!
And, of course, the BGS assembly for IL 19 and the Chicago Loop.  Loop means downtown for out of towners.  

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