Inside the city limits


No good skyline pics or anything, but here are a few road signs at least.  All from 2002.

Taken from the Kennedy inbound (meaning Eastbound I-90), this sign lets you know that the only way to get to the outbound Edens (meaning Westbound I-94) is via exit 84. To I-94, turn left.
Known as Cicero Ave throughout its length in Chicago, IL 50 generally skirts the city's western edges, also going through the town of Cicero.  North, it ends in Skokie at US 41, and south, it ends at US 45 in Kankakee. NB Cicero at Elston Ave.  You can get to the Kennedy from here, as you see by the I-90 shield.
This IL 50 shield is the old style that was phased out quite some time ago.  For more information on Illinois shields, visit Rich Carlson's site at This style shield, with the narrow numerals, I have only seen in Cook County (not necessarily Chicago).
NB Cicero at Peterson Ave (US 14).  I-94 is just to the left, paralleling IL 50. West US 14 shield on Peterson Ave.
You can see the whole intersection of IL 50 and US 14 in this shot.  Sometimes, IDOT puts the street name under the shield, like it did with this IL 50 Cicero Ave. shield. Close-up of the shields at the intersection.
Caldwell Ave begins as US 14 West crosses Cicero Ave.  US 14 continues on to Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. This small green sign lets you know that the exit to the outbound Kennedy is just beyond the viaduct.
I-190 begins in O'Hare International Airport, which technically is inside the city limits.  In fact, part of O'Hare (and thus the city of Chicago) crosses into DuPage County. Coming up on US 12-20-45, Mannheim Road.  This bridge allows airplanes to cross the interstate, and you can see one crossing as I took the picture.
I-190 East shield. A thin strip of Chicago follows I-90 from the main part of the city to the airport.  Here is a sign bridge informing motorists of the upcoming interchange with the Tri-State and I-190.
Westbound I-190 near Mannheim Rd., the Tri-State, and River Rd. about a mile from the airport. Kennedy inbound at Cumberland Ave., which in 2000 or so was designated IL 171.
Cumberland NB (IL 171) crossing the Kennedy, you see an IL 72 shield with Higgins Rd. underneath.  IL 171 ends at IL 72 just ahead. North IL 171 nearing I-90.

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