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FL 9A NB coming up on the Broward Bridge, which takes it over the big, wide St. John's River That's the aforementioned bridge.  Pretty neat, huh?
Climbing the bridge-- it actually is pretty steep in real life. At the top looking down.
Apparently there's a zoo around here. FL 9A shield.
The wide median of FL 9A. FL 9A Northbound turns into I-295 SB at the junction with I-95.
This is the exit for Jacksonville International Airport just north of FL 9A on I-95 NB. This is what most rural 6-lane portions of I-95 look like in Florida.  And Georgia, too.
Speak o' the devil! Skip ahead to I-16 in Savannah.
Georgia still puts the state name in its interstate shields. Welcome to South Carolina!
The welcome assembly on I-95 NB. It is a rule that every time I pass Coosawhatchie, SC, I have to take a photograph and post it on this website.
I'll even throw in a river! Here's where US 17 heads off to Charleston.
Passing I-26, which I have almost clinched-- just need Charleston to I-95. This picture is an excellent representation of I-95 through South Carolina.
Want to stop at a tourist trap?  Go to South of the Border, just south of the NC-SC border. A quick and blurry jaunt on US 378 to get Williamsburg County.  That county is a stinker, let me tell you.  Hard to get to without major trip interruption.
We're getting into focus, here. SC 58 crosses US 378 in Turbeville.
So does US 301. US 378 is being widened out to US 52 I think.
Took this dinky dirt road to get to that darn freakin' Williamsburg County. Hazy days lead to blurry pics on US 378 EB at SC 341.
We get off US 378 at US 52 and head north. US 52 reminds you to trust Jesus ye sinners.
US 52 looks a lot like this in this part of South Carolina.  Isn't it weird to think that this is the same road that goes through the south Chicago suburbs like Joliet, IL?? Well, I don't remember why there was a "To" banner above the shields, but here's where US 301 comes into the picture south of Florence.
The view coming into Florence on US 52 NB. US 76 joins us.
I-95 is about to cross us.  You can tell that I was the one taking the photos because all of them on this page, so far, have been blurry and hard to see. It's blurry, but you get an idea of what the south side of Florence looks like on US 52 NB.
I-95 through the Florence area is actually quite nice.  After this shot, it really got too dark to take pictures until the next day. But that won't stop me from including this impossible-to-make out skyline of Richmond, Virginia.  Margot wanted to see if she could pull off a night-shot and we all have the answer right here now, don't we?

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